Saturday, 29 September 2012

Your Love Never Fails

          Hello World!
          Everyday I'm reminded of You. I'm reminded that You never fail me, that You always love me and that You never give up on me. We are made overcomers by the word of our testimony, so even though I've told this to some, I want everyone to know that God is faithful to us. Seems like forever ago already, but just last weekend was the third annual Hallelujah Conference. In the last couple months it just seemed like everything was falling into place. Just as I was getting nervous, God provided me with all three speakers almost in one day! I was feeling really good and excited for the upcoming conference. Well two days before the conference, I got a devastating email from my final speaker telling me he wouldn't make it. My first human instinct was to panic. I was racking my brain trying to come up with something to fill the two hour void ending the conference.
          So I took a moment, and I said to myself, "You haven't failed me yet" and just then He starting flooding me with ideas and inspiration, and this incredible peace just flowed over me. I had several people offer suggestion as to last minute speakers or things to do, and I said not to worry, because God's given me a plan.
         The next day God showed me why He gave me that plan and that peace. He knew what was in store, because my speaker emailed me back to let me know he worked things out and was able to make it again! Praise God! He is just way too good to me!
         Once again another test in trusting Him, because He has everything worked out for my good.

        But TODAY, I got to spend a good many hours with my baby girl, Ava! So it was pretty much the best day ever. :)

I just love her!!

I'm being rushed out the door, so BYE!

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