Friday, 5 October 2012

The Prankster

Oct. 5th, 2012
        So as I mentioned yesterday, today was the anniversary of Papa Bob's death. Let's go back in time a little. I'll tell you a quick story:
        Once upon a time, we were at a BBQ at Butch & Sandy's house... Papa Bob and I were in the house getting some food or something, and I was through, so I walked out the back and shut the sliding glass door. LITTLE DID I KNOW...Papa Bob was following me out and a few moments later we all hear a *clunk* as he ran into the door I just closed...
        I have NEVER lived this down. For months at every gathering, I was reminded of how I "shut the door on Papa Bob". It may have even been mentioned at his memorial.
        So today, since I was unable to go with Scott after work, I decided I would stop by just before two right before I went into work.
       I drove into the cemetery, parked my car and got out. Well...the sprinklers were on and I thought I might be able to maneuver around them, but with them on, it was harder to find his spot and I ended up pretty wet. I have a feeling he was laughing at me up in heaven.

And that's how Papa Bob finally got me back for slamming his face in the door...

RIP Papa Bob<3

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